Election 2020 News –

This information will be updated as new information becomes available.

Register to vote:  https://www.votespa.com/Register-to-Vote/Pages/How-to-Register-to-Vote.aspx   


The last day to register is October 19 2020.


For info:  https://www.votespa.com/Voting-in-PA/Pages/Mail-and-Absentee-Ballot.aspx 


Mail-in ballot: If you are registered to vote and have a driver’s license or a PennDOT photo ID you can apply online for an Mail-in Ballot by going to this site. https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/OnlineAbsenteeApplication/#/OnlineAbsenteeBegin


If you do not have photo ID, you can still apply for a Mail-in Ballot using a hard-copy form:


The application for the November Election Mail-in Ballot must be received by Oct 27 2020, but be aware this is the drop-dead date.  The election is only 6 days away with a weekend in between and the mails may be slow. It is much better to act early, preferably before October 1st!